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RS has ‘brilliant’ performance in second quarter

Aug 14. 2019
Darm Nana, chief financial officer of RS Public Co Ltd
Darm Nana, chief financial officer of RS Public Co Ltd
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RS described its second-quarter performance as “brilliant” in a release on Wednesday, citing its multi-platform commerce (MPC) business, which generated more than Bt542 million, while its outbound sales grew steadily thanks to repeat purchases coming from the lessons the company learned from analysing its database of 1.2 million users.

Meanwhile, its outbound sales continued to thrive, it said. Its media business, Channel 8, adjusted its schedule and added attractive content to win more viewers.

The company said it would hold two major concerts in the second half of the year – Raptor Evolution #25yearslaterand D2B Infinity Concert 2019 – to indulge fans of 90s music.

The company expects to generate a lot of revenue in the second half of the year. The board has approved an interim dividend from the half-year 2019 performance at Bt0.20 per share, with the date set as August 26. The company will continue to join forces with partners following its strategies and vision in order to expand its business and strengthen it in the long run. Changes will become apparent in the second half of this year, according to the release.

Darm Nana, CFO of RS Public Co Ltd, said that in the second quarter, the company generated Bt901 million in total revenue, led by the MPC business which generated Bt542 million, an 8 per cent increase compared to the same period of last year. He attributed it to sales channel expansion, including for Channel 8, satellite TV channels and radio stations, as well as online channels, Single Level Marketing (SLM) and retailers nationwide. 

"Our products are also offered on Thairath TV channel which is a strong partner. As a result, today, we have more than 1.2 million users in our database, and with good data management, our outbound sales grew steadily in every quarter. We use data analytics and business intelligence tools to better analyse our customers and learn about their behaviour in order to accurately predict their interest and purchase,” he said.

“This results in precise offerings which attract them to repeat their purchase regularly and increase their spending in skincare, hair care and food supplement categories.”

The company also aims to find partner companies with aligned strategies and vision in order to significantly grow and strengthen its business in the long run. Clear results will be seen in the second quarter of this year, Darm said. 

In July, Channel 8 adjusted its schedule to attract more viewers. Popular programmes were moved to better times to lure more advertising for the second half of the year. 

COOLfahrenheit continues to be the No 1 easy-listening radio station, with popular activities throughout the year such as COOLouting, Ink Eat ALL Around, and COOL Music Fest. Listeners, including office workers, can enjoy a new experience as the radio station doubles as a one-stop shopping channel. Line@COOLanything turns the audience into shoppers through special promotions and products that appeal to the audience, especially makeup. These activities help generate more income for the radio station. 

Its music business performed well as expected. In the second half of the year, two major concerts will allow audiences to indulge their nostalgic memories of the ‘90s, while helping to generate income in the third and fourth quarters. 

"It is expected that in the second half of the year, our performance will be even better thanks to our MPC database management and new products which will encourage repeat purchases. Meanwhile, thanks to our structure, we are able to 100-per-cent manage our media outlets, reaffirming our position as a business with own media," said Darm.

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