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Esso looking ahead – even to EV charging

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Esso plans to spend Bt6 billion opening 700 petrol stations across Thailand by 2021 and another Bt700 million renovating existing ones. Its aim is to become the country’s third-biggest petrol retailer following the introduction of “Synergy Fuel Technology”.
ExxonMobil director and retail manager Yodpong Sutatham said Esso (Thailand) expects sales to exceed market expectations of 2-3 per cent. 
It will expand its reach to 640 stations by year’s end and to 700 by 2021, he said, and spend Bt1 million per station on renovations. Seventy per cent of its outlets – 430 in all – have already been refurbished and all of them will be by next year.
Esso’s Synergy Fuel Technology incorporated in every type of petroleum is touted as doubling engine protection and improving acceleration. Its introduction hiked global sales of both regular and premium petroleum by 10 per cent, Yodpong said.
He said Esso believes the technology will continue boosting sales, maintain the firm’s 13-per-cent share of the Thai petroleum market and earn it third place among all oil companies. 
Customer memberships are expected to increase to 3 million by year’s end from the current 2.5 million.
Manoch Munjitjuntra, director and manager of retail sales at Esso Thailand, said the company supports plans to adopt Euro 5 standards and is improving its B100 – biodiesel made from crude palm oil – to meet the standards of the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association.
“The company also sees opportunities even in the electric vehicles that are starting to gain more attention,” Manoch said. 
“We forecast that Thailand will continue relying on oil as the main fuel for the next 20 years, especially in transportation. But we have begun trials on an EV charging station, and if that business expands, we will invest more in it.”

Published : August 27, 2019

By : The Nation