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Marked increase in registered businesses opening outside Bangkok

Sep 02. 2019
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More and more newly registered firms are setting up shop in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) and secondary tourism attraction provinces, a change from the earlier concentration in Bangkok and its nearby provinces.

The Department of Business Development's deputy director-general Sorada Lertharpachit said that the number of new firms established in the secondary provinces in July rose 16 per cent year on year.

The top three secondary provinces with highest number of new firms are Chiang Rai totalling 83 firms, Nakhrn Si Thammarat with 65 firms and Ratchaburi with 63.

In Chiang Rai, most of the newly established businesses are the construction and restaurant firms, while those in Nakon Si Thammarat are involved in construction, vegetable and fruit retail and wholesale agricultural raw material. Those in Ratchaburi are the construction firms, wholesale fruit business, and the real estate firms.

She said that the growing number of the new firms in the secondary provinces is in line with the government's policy of promoting tourism in those provinces.

The department's director-general Vuttikrai Leewiraphan said that the number of newly registered firms in the EEC from January to July was 4,338, up 2.36 per cent year on year from 4,238. Their total registered capital was Bt15.024 billion, up 37.19 per cent year on year from Bt10.951 billion.

The top three newly established businesses in EEC in the period are the real estate totalling 727 with total registered capital of Bt1.977 billion, followed by construction firms at 351 with registered capital of Bt589 million, and restaurants at 163 with Bt395 million.

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