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Cigna Thailand gets its first Thai CEO

Oct 07. 2019
Teeravuth Suthanaseriporn
Teeravuth Suthanaseriporn
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Cigna Thailand, a local subsidiary of a leading global health insurance company, has appointed Teeravuth Suthanaseriporn as its first Thai CEO.

“I feel extremely honoured to be trusted to take on the role of chief executive officer for Cigna Thailand. I see this as an achievement for every single employee here who has been putting their utmost effort into their work, to strengthen our businesses and to achieve our corporate goals, for the continuous growth of the organisation, so Cigna can become a leader in health and sustainable well-being for Thais,” Teeravuth said.

In a study recently conducted by Cigna on its Thai customer base, it learned that there is a greater demand for mental-health related care and stress-prevention methods. 

Under the new CEO’s leadership, it will focus on using new insights in their business strategy, such as: 

- Maintaining a customer-centric approach and prioritising their needs. A deep understanding of different lifestyles, goal and worldview can help Cigna tailor insurance plans for people across Thailand. 

- Using digital technology to give people a chance to access insurance plans quickly and more conveniently. Cigna can also use online channels to reach a larger audience. 

- By building an awareness of different needs, Cigna’s innovative services will consider economic strategies and become more accessible to all their customers. 

- Cigna’s expertise in global health insurance will be used to help Thai customers receive the best care and coverage. 

With Teerayuth’s understanding of Thailand’s cultural nuances, coupled with his decade-long experience in management in the insurance industry will help break new ground for the company. For instance, he can help develop various marketing and insurance plans that come from in-depth understanding of Thais, as a base to formulate customised insurance plans that best suit the lifestyle of Thais. 

Teerayut first joined Cigna Thailand in 2013 as chief distribution and business development officer, and then chief marketing officer before taking on the job of CEO. 

Cigna Thailand is a subsidiary of Cigna, a US-based global health service company, servicing over 95 million customers worldwide.

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