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Thai mattress exports under US scanner over complaints of dumping

Thai mattress manufacturers are among exporters suspected by the US of dumping practices.

The Thai Foreign Trade Department revealed that the US has opened anti-dumping (AD) investigation against suppliers from seven countries, including Thailand. The action was initiated after US manufacturers called for an inquiry as they found additional imports were damaging their business.

Meanwhile, as part of the investigation into tyres imported from four countries, including Thailand, the manufacturers have to answer a questionnaire and return it before September 4.

The Thai Foreign Trade Department's director-general, Keerati Rushchano, said the US Department of Commerce had recently announced the opening of an investigation into mattress products originating from seven countries: Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Serbia and Turkey. The investigation follows a complaint by US mattress makers that the volume of imports from all seven countries had increased, likely due to dumping in the US market, affecting product price. US manufacturers have complained about declining market share, declining sales, declining profits, etc. In addition, an inquiry for countervailing duty (CVD) measures for mattresses from China has also been opened.

“The US Department of Commerce will send a questionnaire to the Thai mattress manufacturers. After discussions with Thai mattress manufacturers, it was found that if US were to take AD measures, it would be unfair since Thai mattresses exported to the US have many purposes, such as health mattresses, mattress for preventing back pain, etc which US manufacturers may not be making, or whose production is not enough to meet rising consumer needs,” said Keerati.

In 2018, Thailand exported 75,000 pieces worth Bt40 million, but in 2019 the volume increased sharply to 830,000 pieces, valued at Bt1.9 billion.

The US Department of Commerce opened an investigation into antidumping and countervailing duties (AD/CVD) on tyre products originating from four countries -- Thailand, South Korea, Vietnam and Taiwan -- as of May 2020. According to the US steel trade union's complaint, imports rose 20 per cent between 2017 and 2019, or 85.3 million tyres, worth $4.4 billion, possibly as a result of dumping. The US authorities have selected two manufacturers from each of the four countries to answer a questionnaire about production data, exports, sales, profits, etc, which must be completed by September 4.

Published : August 23, 2020

By : The Nation