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MONDAY, January 30, 2023
Finance Ministry focuses on three areas to revive Thai economy

Finance Ministry focuses on three areas to revive Thai economy

SUNDAY, January 03, 2021

The Finance Ministry this year will have three areas of focus to revive Thailand's economy from the Covid-19 pandemic fallout, ministry spokesperson Kulaya Tantitemit said.

First, the ministry will urgently push for economic revival through speeding up budget disbursement and state spending. The ministry also would streamline the tax structure to fit well with the economic and social change, added Kulaya, who also serves as acting director-general of the Fiscal Policy Office.

Second, the ministry will adjust the country's economic structure by seeking ways to promote investment in new technologies, such as the next generation automotive, digital business and comprehensive medical business. This will enable Thailand to move to offer products and services with high economic value.

The ministry will also push for the revision of rules to increase its own performance in providing services to the public.

She added that one challenge this year would be how to restore Thailand's economic growth to the pre-Covid-19 era. The management of macroeconomic policy in the next step would have to take into account the prevention of a second wave of the outbreak and the equitable distribution of the anti-virus vaccine.