Sat, December 04, 2021


29 foreign companies allowed to invest in Thailand in September

29 foreign companies have been allowed to conduct businesses in Thailand under the Foreign Business Act by Commerce Ministrys foreign business committee in September, said Sinit Lertkrai, deputy commerce minister on Thursday.

“These foreign companies have invested over 559 million baht in Thailand and generated up to 742 jobs for local people,” he said. “Most of these companies are from Japan, Singapore and South Korea respectively.”

“Allowing more foreign companies to invest in Thailand will help promote knowledge and technology transfers especially in the areas of diesel fuel desulfurization using hydrogen, carrier gas attraction, IT system for hospital, and laboratory statistics analysis,” he added. 

Sinit further added that in the nine months of 2021, the committee have allowed a total of 161 companies to conduct businesses in Thailand, with total investment value of over 9.94 billion baht. 

“Most of the allowed businesses are those that comply with government’s investment promotion policy and support the country’s target industries,” he said. “The Commerce Ministry expected that more foreign companies will apply for investment in Thailand in the last quarter of 2021 due to improving Covid-19 situation and strong disease control measures that will help restoring the confidence among foreign investors.”

Published : October 15, 2021