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Sergeant, king cobra battle it out

Sergeant Nattaphon Suea-Ngam, a snake expert from the Mueang Chan Snake Protection Volunteer Team, managed to capture a king cobra at a fruit plantation near a building material store in Chanthaburi’s Tha Mai district on Wednesday.

Nattaphon led a team in pursuit of the king cobra after plantation workers and a dog tried to scare it off.

The operation took a while as the vicious king cobra tried to bite Nattaphon many times.

The king cobra was finally captured after Nattaphon lured it into the open, making it easier to catch.

Sergeant, king cobra battle it out

Nattaphon said the four-metre-long king cobra was fiercer than ever as this was the mating season.

He advised people who come across venomous snakes to call in officials instead of trying to catch the creatures themselves as it could cost lives.

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