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MONDAY, January 30, 2023
Qatar Airways to add more flights to Bangkok, manager for Indochina says

Qatar Airways to add more flights to Bangkok, manager for Indochina says

SATURDAY, December 10, 2022

Qatar Airways will continue to add more direct flights from Bangkok to Doha, as well as other prime destinations worldwide, as the aviation industry gradually recovers from the pandemic, according to Bennet Stephens, the carrier's newly appointed regional manager for Indochina.

Qatar Airways will add one more direct flight between Doha and Bangkok on Thursday, raising the number of direct flights per day to four, Stephens said. (Before the pandemic, Qatar Airways operated seven daily flights on the route.)

Stephens said Qatar Airways would continue recovering next year and then enter a growth phase. 

"We see our airline recovering 50% this year and expect to recover 70% next year," Stephens said.

Demand for international travel is rising significantly with reservations increasing, particularly for the Christmas and New Year holiday season.

Stephens said Qatar Airways is optimistic about the industry’s future, agreeing with a forecast by the International Air Transport Association that the global airline industry could return to profitability in 2023.

The association forecasts that airlines will make a small net profit of $4.7 billion in 2023 – the first profit since 2019, when the industry earned $26.4 billion.

Although the airline industry as a whole is doing well, Stephens said issues of concern remain. First, fuel prices have risen from $60 to around $120 per barrel of oil. This can affect some carriers, but is within the range Qatar Airways can handle, Stephens said.

Travel restrictions are the second issue, Stephens said, adding that some countries may suddenly tighten border controls due to covid-19.

Stephens said he was confident that Qatar Airways' span – 150 destinations – young fleet and premium services would keep it among the world’s top carriers.