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Gulf Energy CEO Sarath is richest shareholder on Thai stock exchange for 4th year

Gulf Energy CEO Sarath is richest shareholder on Thai stock exchange for 4th year

Gulf Energy Development CEO Sarath Ratanavadi is the wealthiest Thai stockholder for the fourth consecutive year, according to rankings compiled by Money and Banking magazine and Chulalongkorn University’s Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy.

The rankings listed major shareholders at close of trade on September 30, when the Stock Exchange of Thailand Index fell to 1,589.51 from 1,605.68 points on the same date last year.

Sarath remained the wealthiest Thai stockholder with total shareholdings of 218.98 billion baht in 2022. He had first entered the list with 120.95 billion baht in 2019, 115.28 billion baht in 2020, and 173.09 billion baht in 2021.

He is also the first Thai stockholder with total shareholding exceeding 200 billion baht.

The 10 wealthiest Thai shareholders in 2022 are:

1. Sarath Ratanavadi, Gulf Energy Development CEO; total shareholding of 218.98 billion baht, up by 45.88 billion baht or 26.51% last year.

2. Panicha Dao, major shareholder of PSG Corporation; total shareholding of 81.63 billion baht. Panicha has made it to the list for the first time.

3. Prasert Prasattong-Osoth, founder of Bangkok Dusit Medical Services and Bangkok Airways; total shareholding of 62.73 billion baht, up by 4.51 billion baht or 7.76% last year. Prasert moved down from second place last year.

4. Niti Osathanugrah, heir to the Osotspa beverage empire; total shareholding of 58.12 billion baht, up by 1.87 billion baht or 3.33% last year. Niti moved down from third place last year.

5. Somphote Ahunai, CEO of Energy Absolute; total shareholding of 36.36 billion baht, down by 16.66 billion baht or 31.42%. Somphote moved down from fourth place last year.

6. Poramaporn Prasarttong-Osoth, chief operating officer and CEO Group 1 of Bangkok Dusit Medical Services; total shareholding of 35 billion baht, up by 20.95 billion baht or 149.09% last year.

Poramaporn, who is Prasert's daughter, moved up from 21st place last year.

7. and 8. Chuchat Petaumpai and Daonapa Petampai, who own shares in Muangthai Capital, moved down from sixth and fifth last year, respectively.

Chuchat’s holdings were worth 26.51 billion baht, down by 15.13 billion baht or 36.30%; Daonapa’s holdings were valued at 26.10 billion baht, down by 15.84 billion baht or 37.77%.

9. Anant Asavabhokhin, chairman of Land and Houses; total shareholding of 25.45 billion baht, up by 2.71 billion baht or 11.95%. Anant moved up from 12th place last year.

10. Keeree Kanjanapas, chairman of BTS Group Holdings; total shareholding of 22.70 billion baht, down by 1.92 billion baht or 7.83%.

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