FRIDAY, April 19, 2024

2023 election: number of voters in each generation

2023 election: number of voters in each generation

The Nation has put together the number of eligible voters in each age group to determine which generation will have the greatest influence in the upcoming election.

Number of eligible voters

According to the Bureau of Registration Administration, Thailand's population as of December 2022 stood at 66,090,475, split into 32,270,615 men and 33,819,860 women.

However, the total number of qualified voters for the upcoming election is 52,322,824, which can be categorised as follows:

Generation Z (1997-2012, ages 11-26): 7,670,354* (*Number only represents those above 18)

Generation Y (1981-1996, 27-42): 15,144,468

Generation X (1965-1980, 43-58): 16,091,150

Baby Boomers (1946-1964, 59-77): 11,153,133

Silent Generation (1925-1945, 78-98): 2,227,540

Above 99: 36,179

Gen X and Y hold the key

The number of voters in both age groups is a crucial variable in determining who will win the election.

Generation X has the highest number of voters followed by Gen Y, who add up to 31,235,618 people. Most of these voters are of working age and subsequently, several parties are developing policies that will win over these generations.

Another interesting demographic is the elderly, as the number of qualified voters above the age of 59 (Baby Boomers and Silent Gen) comes up to 13,416,852 people.

However, several votes in these age groups may face problems with physically going to vote at ballot stations.

Parties that can take these strongholds tend to prevail in the election.