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Envoys from 24 countries hop on their bicycles for the King

ENVOYS from 24 countries joined Thais yesterday in the "Bike for Dad" cycling event to mark His Majesty's 88th birthday.



The ambassadors, dressed in bike-riding gear, spoke to The Nation as they waited at the Foreign Ministry to join the event. “Bike for Dad” was presided over by HRH Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn. 
Chinese Ambassador Ning Fukui said he was honoured to be able to join this event, adding that he admired the love and loyalty that Thais have for His Majesty. He said the King was also greatly respected and loved in China. 
UK Ambassador Mark Kent, who brought his own bicycle from Britain to join the event, said he was honoured to join an activity that shows people’s respect for the monarchy – something, he said, the British also shared. 
US Ambassador Glyn Davies also said he was honoured to join an event in honour of His Majesty, adding that the monarch was greatly respected in the US, and many activities had been undertaken by the King to boost bilateral ties. Davies said he hoped the event would be an indication for a stable and bright future for Thailand, which would also be good for the United States. “I’ll try to be the first in the international section to reach the finish line,” he quipped.
French Ambassador Gilles Garachon affirmed that Thai-French relations were strong these days, and said he was glad to have an opportunity to wish His Majesty well. “I’m also happy to see a day when Bangkok has no traffic jams,” he added.
Japan Ambassador Shiro Sado-shima said he was excited to join the bike ride and was happy to see Thais coming together for such a grand event. South Korean envoy Noh Kwang-il, who has only been in Thailand for a month, said he was delighted to be given a chance to participate in this event. He said he admired the fact that Thais were united in their love for the monarch. 

Published : December 11, 2015

By : Nanthida Poungthong The Natio