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Woman’s defamation case is put on hold

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The arraignment of a woman on two defamation related charges for speaking out about the alleged fatal assault of her uncle in a military camp in 2011, has been put on hold.

Prayut Bejraguna, deputy spokesman for the Office of the Attorney General (OAG), said yesterday, “At this point, she will not be prosecuted. The prosecution chief of Narathiwat has asked police to investigate many more points before her alleged defamation can go to the court.”
The case involves Narissarawan Kaewnopparat, who has been trying to seek justice for her late uncle.
She said earlier that the prosecutor in charge of the defamation case against her, Rati Chorlamyai, had verbally informed her that he had concluded she should be arraigned.
“I am accused of defaming another person by documents and spreading false information on the computer system,” she said. 
Narissarawan said she had not yet seen the prosecution order, as the decision would likely have to be reviewed by the provincial public prosecutor.
“I will think about my legal trouble later on. As for now, I would like to focus on seeking justice for my uncle. I want to bring the culprits responsible for his death to the Criminal Court,” Narissarawan said, as she submitted a petition for his case to the Office of the Attorney General. 
According to Narissarawan, her uncle, Private Wichien Pheuksom, died after being beaten up at a military camp. Doctors said he had sustained injuries from being beaten by blunt objects, his teeth were shattered, his ribs cracked and his kidneys had failed. 
The Public Sector Anti Corruption Commission (PACC), which has looked into Wichien’s case, has ruled that there are grounds to suspect that 10 soldiers including Maj Phuri Perksopon might have been involved in the beating, which was reportedly meted out because Wichien deserted the Army. 
The Army has reportedly already punished all of the accused soldiers except Phuri. 
Narissarawan has submitted petitions to various agencies as well as Prime Minister General Prayut Chanocha to seek justice. 
Late last year, Phuri lodged a defamation complaint against her. On July 27 this year, police arrested Narissarawan at her workplace, the Department of Children and Youth, the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security. 
Narissarawan, who has denied all charges, is now out on bail

Published : September 23, 2016

By : Chularat Saengpassa<br /> Kesinee Taengkhieo<br /> The Nation