Wed, July 06, 2022


Ban on political activities may be lifted: Wissanu 

Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Krea-ngam said on Friday that the ban on political activities could be lifted following, the promulgation of the new charter that has paved the way now to a general election, but he declined to say when.

The Constitution Drafting Commission (CDC) has so far completed the first two draft laws of the Election Commission and the political party, leaving the other two, the MPs selection and the Senate, to be completed afterwards.
Chief Charter Drafter has hinted that the latter would be completed and submitted to the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) around September.
Wissanu said following the charter promulgation, a number of laws necessary to run the country would be enacted at different times, but some would be expedited following the timeframe given under the new charter.
These included the laws concerning reforms and national strategy which must be enacted within four months, he said.
What needs to be done immediately, Wissanu said, is an adjustment of attitude and behavior to live in line with what is addressed in the new charter, he added.

Published : April 07, 2017

By : The Nation