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Grandma, 91, receives ‘dream’ degree from King

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Never ever too late to learn

Supaporn Pia

Admire His Majesty the King for personally handing the certificate to the grand old graduate 
Usually, HM the King will hand over the certificate through one of his attendants.
The King has been compassionate. l like his father, the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej, for helping his ordinary subjects.
Allan Cheng
US rescuers prepare to retrieve Thai students’ bodies

Was this serious subject ever brought up directly on behalf of the grieving families by the PM to the visiting US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson just a few days back? 
Tillerson was quoted talking about US hopes for a return to democracy so it wasn’t all just about selling/buying arms was it? Can the media clarify if this PM took the clear opportunity to discuss on behalf of the families still waiting for a rescue/recovery attempt or were some too busy negotiating anti-ship missile purchases to care mention?
Rob Jacobs

Published : August 13, 2017