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Yingluck's Judgement Day (Live updates)

Nobody can confirm the whereabouts of former prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra since 9 am so we decided to suspend our live update for now. If there is an urgent movement, the live report will be resumed.

10: 48 am: Nation TV reports that a truck for transporting inmates from the Correction Department arrives at the Supreme Court, leading to speculation about the verdict in the case against Boonsong.

10:35 am: Nation TV reports most supporters of Yingluck remain at the Government Complex. The supporters say they would stay put until police are witndrawn from the court because they believe Yingluck might later show up. The people remain calm and peaceful.

10:25 am: Nation TV reports that Yingluck's supporters start leaving the court after it becomes certain that the former prime minister is not present to hear the verdict.

10:05 am: Norawich Larlang, Yingluck's lawyer, says he was informed by a source at 8 am this morning that Yingluck is not unwell. Norawich says he does not know Yingluck's whereabouts or whether or not she is still in the Kingdom.

Yingluck's Judgement Day  (Live updates)

10:00 am: Nation TV reports that the Supreme Court has started reading the verdict in the case against Boonsong.

A court official said it could take as long as 4 hours to read the verdict.

9:50 am: Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Gen Prawit Wongsuwan confirms that he has been informed about Yingluck’s no-show in the court on a claim that she suffered from a disorder in the inner ear. He says the court has issued an arrest warrant against her.

9:45 am: Nation TV reports the Supreme Court issues an arrest warrant against Yingluck. The court postponed the verdict reading to September 27. Her lawyers told the court at 9:37 am that Yingluck is  not well with the Ménière disease or disorder of the inner ear so she cannot come to the court. But the court does not believe the claim as it is not backed by a medical certificate. The court ordered the seizure of the bail guarantee of Bt30 million.

9:40 am: Former foreign minister Noppadol Pattama says that he has no knowledge on Yingluck's delayed arrival.

Yingluck's Judgement Day  (Live updates)

9.40 am: if Yingluck is in the court room right now here are what she will be heard  
First, guilty and sentenced to one to 10 years in jail, a Bt2,000 to Bt20,000 fine, or both. 
Second, guilty with a suspended jail term
Third, not guilty.
But it’s not the end of the world. She and and the prosecution have the right to appeal within 30 days of the court verdict, according to the new Constitution.

9:34am: The Nation cannot yet verify the speculations as no mobile phone is allowed and there is no phone signal at the court. Only those in the court room know if Yingluck is inside the court room or not.

9:30 am: A Yingluck supporter is seen holding a banner that reads "If there is no Shinawatras, we won't have today. We boundary people are never hired to be here. Hear us, 'Yut' (PM Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha)"

9:29 am: A speculated theory has it that Yingluck had asked for a postponement to afternoon as her verdict is scheduled to be read in the afternoon after Boonsong’s case.
9:15 am: Speculations say she had asked the court for postponement to the afternoon but there is no confirmation from the court. The Nation's reporters in the court room cannot be contacted to verify the information as they are not allowed to use their mobile and the mobile signal is cut at 9am due to security reason. Yingluck might ask for the postponement in the court already. Or she might enter the court room already through a special entrance that nobody can see.

9:10 am: Nation court reporter says he has never seen a case like this. Normally, defendants will ask for postponement if they are not ready but for Yingluck she just disappeared. 
One of Nation senior reporters points out that Yingluck’s message Thursday appeared like she was sending a signal. In the message Yingluck asked her supporters not to gather at the Supreme Court today, when the verdict is expected in the negligence case against her. 
She said they could not be closely in touch with her, as they had been in the past, due to the strict security measures.
Read what she has said here. 

9:05 am: Former UDD chairwoman and key red-shirt figure Thida Thavornseth says that she believes Yingluck will remain to fight in justice process if the ruling comes out against her, saying that Yingluck has done nothing wrong nd it also should not be her "sudden death" as the former premier could still appeal to the Supreme Court if disagreeing with the verdict.

Yingluck's Judgement Day  (Live updates)

"Yingluck does not only present respects to rule of law but also women's power im political arena," Thida says

9:04 am: Here is the normal procedure: if it is certain that Yingluck will not appear in the court, the court will issue an arrest warrant against her.

9:00 am: It is 9am now with Yingluck not turning up at the court. What will happen next?

8:55 am: Five minutes remain. The black van drives through the security checkpoint. Still no sign of Yingluck.

Yingluck's Judgement Day  (Live updates)
8:55 am: Nation TV confirms the van does not bring Yingluck to court. It is parked away from the court's entrance.

8:54 am: The crowds are seen surrounding the van, holding roses in and mobile phones in their hands. They raise their mobile  phones to try to take photos of the person inside the van.

8:52 am: The black van is moving slowly through the huge crowds whle the peole keep on shouting "Yingluck, fight on".

8:46 am: A black van arrives and it is believed that Yingluck is  inside. Supporters flock to greet the van but no one can confirm whether she is inside. The crowds are heard  shouting "Yingluck, fight on" repeatedly.

8:45 am: A supporter to Yingluck shows a portrait he took with her.

Yingluck's Judgement Day  (Live updates)

8:40 am: Key figures from the red-shirt United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship arrive at the Supreme Court. One of keymen Weng Tojirakarn say that he believes Yingluck will receive justice.

8:30 am: Thirty minutes remain before the court’s schedule to deliver the verdicts, so far, no defendants in the two cases ask for postponement. Yingluck and Boonsong’s  lawyers are at the court but there is still no sign of Yingluck as she has not seen leaving her home yet. Her supporters are waiting anxiously at the Supreme Court.

8:23 am: Even Yingluck’s team of staff and former Pheu Thai MPs may have no idea whereabouts of Yingluck. Reporters at the court talk to them and they say they are just waiting at the court.

8:15 am: Yingluck's former deputies Pongthep Thepkanjana and Chaturon Chaisang are seen observing Yingluck's supporter crowd in front of the Government Complex.

Yingluck's Judgement Day  (Live updates)

8:15 am: Yingluck is still not seen as leaving home, leading to speculation that she may stay overnight somewhere lese, not at home.

8:10 am: Court officials inform reporters and attendants of the court room that cell phones are entirely banned from the courtroom.

8:10 am: Nattawut Saikua, a key red-shirt leader, arrives in front of the Govetnment Compkex near the Supreme Court to the immense cheers from Yingluck's supporters.

Yingluck's Judgement Day  (Live updates)

8:05 am: "please give a round of applause for our famous metropolitan chief!" says a police officer, introducing Metropolitan Police Bureau cheif Pol Lt Gen Sanit Mahathavorn, who enjoys taking selfies and getting roses from Yingluck's supporter.

Sanit says he has deployed around 4000 police officers to oversee traffic management around the Supreme Court's compound and it went well so far.

8:00 am: Authorities open the entrance of the court allowing people who have signed up in advance including the media to go inside. G-to-G defendants and Pheu Thai's people also line up to get inside.

7:57 am: Boonsong, along with some Pheu Thai's people, go inside the court.

7:56 am: One hour before the court schedule to read the verdicts, it is still quiet in front of Yingluck’s home. Nation TV reporter  peeks inside the house and ses a white van parked inside.

7:35 am: Former commerce minister Boonsong Teriyapirom, a main defendant to the G-to-G  deal on the rice-pledging scheme, arrives at the Supreme Court. Boonsong, while not anticipating the ruling, says he may ask for bail before proceeding to appeal to the Supreme Court.

Boonsong apparently remains in good spirits, greeting and chatting with people close to Pheu Thai Party including Monthathip while waiting for the court to open as he arrives one hour earlier.

Yingluck's Judgement Day  (Live updates)

Boonsong says that among 28 defendants, he only consulted with his ex-deputy Poom Sarapol, who also came to hear the ruling today. Asked if the court would read the ruling if not all defendants showed up at the court, he says that it would be due to the court's considetation.

7:35 am: So far, key defendants in G-to-G fake deal Boonsong and Poom arrive at the court.

7:30 am: Monthathip Kowitcharoenhul, sister of ex-PM Yingluck Shinawatra, arrives at the Supreme Court to provide moral support to her sister. Monthathip, positioning herself out of politics, remains non-committal on the Shinawatras' future political career path, only saying "As a sister,I want to see whatever making Yingluck happy,"

Yingluck's Judgement Day  (Live updates)

Monthathip also refuses speculation that she will be the next leader of Pheu Thai Party, saying that she should let more capable people to do so.

7:30 am: Former finance minister Kittirat Na Ranong is here but refused to give any interview.
7:30 am: Just a reminder. The court will read the two verdicts at 9am onwards. As the case on the G-to-G fake deal involving 28 defendants, including Boonsong and Poom,  it was not sure if all defendants would attend the hearing or whether they would arrive on time. Usually, the court will wait until all defendants arrive in the court room before delivering the verdict.

7:15 am: A grey van is seen entering Yingluck’s home. It was reported earlier that she would leave her home to hear the court verdict at 7am.

7:05 am: Yingluck's supporters share a bottle of water to a police officer and give flower to the speaking officer.

7:00 am: Former deputy commerce minister Poom Sarapol, one of the defendants in the fake Government-to-Government rice deal involving in the rice-pledging scheme, arrives at the Supreme Court. He was seen having breakfast at food court centre

7:00 am: Two panels of judges in two separate cases arrive at the Supreme Court.The two cases, which are related to Yingluck government’s rice-pledging scheme, are the negligence case against Yingluck and the malfeasance case against her commerce minister Boonsong Teriyapirom and 27 others.

7:00 am: Police officers take turn speaking via a sound truck talking to the crowd entertaining as well as instructing them of the conduct around the court.

Yingluck's Judgement Day  (Live updates)

6.50 am: Approximately 1,000 people are at the venue waiting for the former PM and the delivery of the verdict. Most of them are clad in black clothes.

Yingluck's supporters are not allowed near the court unlike previously. They are restricted to the space in front of the Building A and on Chaeng Watana Road.

Yingluck's Judgement Day  (Live updates)

6:43 am: Long queues of Yingluck’s supporters are made on Chaeng Wattana road, waiting for being allowed to enter the Supreme Court’s compound.

Yingluck's Judgement Day  (Live updates)

6.35 am: People working at the government complex as well as those going to receive service starts arriving at the venue. They must go through a check point and present identification documents when passing the streets connected to the Supreme Court.

Pedestrians must go through a walk-walk-through metal detector and show identification documents.

6:25 am:  Former prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra is scheduled to leave her home to the Supreme Court at 7 am.   She is expected to take about one hour to travel 17 kilometres from her home on Pradit Manutham Road to reach the court on Chaeng Wattana Road.

Yingluck's Judgement Day  (Live updates)

6:00 am: Police warn people of high traffic volumes in Chaeng Watthana Road and advise motorists to avoid congestion by using alternative roads. 

The public is advised to check the traffic situation at the hotline 1197 or via the mobile application POLICE I LERT U before starting journeys.

Published : August 24, 2017

By : The Nation