Sat, December 04, 2021


Mourners in black throng Sanam Luang

Huge numbers of mourners from all parts of the country poured into every available space in the vicinity of the Royal Cremation ceremonial grounds, with every road leading to Sanam Luang teeming with people clad in black on the morning of the Royal Cremation day.

Every entrance to the area around Rattanakosin Island was overwhelmed with crowds of people since early Thursday. The people were all trying to get as close as possible to the Royal Cremation ceremonial grounds. They all waited in the hope of being admitted into the limited space.
It was reported that the surging crowds have occupied all space on the road from Pinklao Bridge and along Rajdamnoen Avenue. The wave of people also flooded nearby roads, blocking traffic and making it difficult even for pedestrians to pass through the area.
Kreu Saehao, a 68-year-old grandmother from the Thepa district in Songkhla province, said that she had been trying to get into the Royal Cremation ceremonial grounds since Wednesday, but because of the huge number of people she had failed to make it.
“Yesterday I had to travel to the Salaya district in Nakhon Pathom province to find accommodation, where I could sleep, because every temple around here was full,” Kreu said.
“I came back here again this morning, but I still cannot get into the area. So, I’m waiting at Pinklao Bridge to catch any glimpse of the ceremony.”
Many others also decided to sit wherever they could to take part in this momentous event in modern Thai history.

Published : October 26, 2017

By : Pratch Rujivanarom The Nation