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SATURDAY, October 01, 2022
Boonrawd Trading to withdraw two drinks brands

Boonrawd Trading to withdraw two drinks brands

THURSDAY, February 15, 2018
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Boonrawd Trading, a distribution arm of Singha Corporation, on Thursday announced it will withdraw two beverage brands – Syder Bay, a low-alcohol fruit-based cocktail beverage, and Sanvo sports drink – from its portfolio.

Chief executive Phurit Bhirombhakdi said that the company plans to penetrate the country’s super premium beer segment in the near future. 
“We want to increase its market share of Singha beer to 65 per cent, and up to 23 per cent for Singha drinking water,” he said.
Phurit said that the company has managed its beverage products by brands, not the total portfolio. Then, the brands that have not performed well will be withdrawn from the market. The move will help strengthen the total bottom line.
“We have withdrawn both Syder Bay and Sanvo from the retail shelves as both brands have small market size and with huge competition,” he said.
“The customers have not responded quite well to the products. For Syder Bay, which has been distributed and marketed domestically for three years, we cannot conduct any advertisement for such alcohol product as being prohibited by the government. Individual customers then cannot access the product and their awareness is quite low,” said Phurit. “Meanwhile, for the Sanvo sports drink, Thai consumers have also been attached to major brands that are quite strong in the market place,” he added.