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Hero’ dives into filthy Bangkok canal to save stray dog

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An unidentified man is being praised on Facebook as a hero after jumping into Bangkok’s polluted Saen Saeb Canal on Wednesday evening to rescue an aged dog.

A Facebook user calling himself “Tibet Nimitput” posted photos and video of the man in a (formerly) yellow T-shirt shirt clinging to the bank of the canal near the Srinakharin Wiroj University pier.
By 11am Thursday, about 19 hours later, the post had drawn 21,000 reactions and 3,400 comments and been shared 11,000 times.
“Tibet” said he was aboard a passenger shuttle boat when he saw the man in the filthy, foul-smelling water, holding a dog in one arm.
The boat skipper steered near him and the ticket collector pulled the dog on board, but the man said he’d climb ashore on his own to avoid making a mess on the boat.
A university student took the dog to the school.

Published : May 10, 2018