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Mental health team works with families of trapped footballers

A Mental Health Crisis Assessment and Treatment Team (MCATT) was on Sunday working around-the-clock in front of the Tham Luang cave where families of 12 teenage football players and their assistant coach have camped out to hear progress on rescue efforts.

Rescue operations entered day nine on Sunday amid continued hope that the 13 members of the Mu Pa Academy Mae Sai were still alive. 
They were last seen entering the Tham Luang Cave on June 23 before flash floods hit. They are believed to be stranded inside, and rescuers have identified two high-potential locations where they may be awaiting rescue.
Suan Prung Hospital’s deputy director Dr Paritat Silpakij said on Sunday that the MCATT is focused on easing the stress and worry of the families of team members. 
“At this point, all family members have still had relatively good morale,” he said.
If the mental state of any family member worsened, they would be sent to a hospital, he added.
According to Paritat, there are several risks that may impact the well-being of family members as they continue to camp out in front of the cave. He cited, the hectic crowds, superstitious rituals and reporters’ questions.
The MCATT has now asked reporters to not interview family members and to observe the situation from outside the tent where the family members are gathered.

Published : July 01, 2018

By : Nisanart Kangwanwong The Nation