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Arrest warrants issued for former executives on alleged corruption charges

The Trang Provincial Court has approved arrest warrants for two former executives of Trang Rubber Cooperatives Assembly on alleged corruption charges and rubber stock theft that caused multi-million-baht damages.

The two suspects were expected to surrender to police soon, a police source at the Muang Trang precinct said on Thursday. 

Meanwhile, the 9th Cooperative Auditing Office said they would continue  auditing to determine the alleged monetary damages and the amount of stolen rubber stocks. The audit is expected to conclude this month.

A police complaint was filed on November 8 against former manager Nitrada At-sem, 43, and others on charges of forging documents, fraud and embezzlement. 

Police secured an arrest warrant for Nitrada on charges of forging 10 promissory notes worth Bt50 million, fraud and the theft of 80,000 kilograms of rubber worth Bt3.5 million, while her alleged accomplice, former president of the co-operative assembly, Sutham Polboon, is wanted in a single charge of colluding in the forging of 10 promissory notes. 

The two suspects allegedly co-signed the 10 forged notes, each worth Bt5 million, without obtaining the co-operative assembly board's approval. Nitrada allegedly used the notes to borrow money from outsiders, which she allegedly spent on her personal loan payments. 

As Nitrada failed to repay the outside moneylenders, as per the promissory notes, they filed the lawsuit against her and the co-operative assembly. 

Nitrada is also accused of selling 80,000 kilograms of rubber in three batches to a company for Bt3.5 million and allegedly failed to send the money into the co-operative assembly's coffers.

Published : December 06, 2018

By : Khanitta Sitong The Nation