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Suicidal man saved by students after giving them all he had

A Chinese-speaking man wanted to end his life by jumping into a river in Bangkok’s Yannawa district after being depressed about a death in the family.

Suicidal man saved by students after giving them all he had

Photo credit: JS100radio

On his way to the bridge, however, he passed a group of young street artists singing songs and decided to donate everything he had to the group.
His donation ended up saving his life and the incident went viral on social media after passers-by took photos of the incident on the King Taksin Bridge and reported it to a traffic radio station, JS100.
The station published the photos of about 
 10 male students from Watsuthiwararam School, surrounding a man. They reportedly tried to calm him down and persuaded him to change his mind about wanting to commit suicide.
Yannawa police heard of the incident through the station and went to the scene, where officers helped to calm him down.
JS100 station staff later found the group of students and asked them what had happened.

Suicidal man saved by students after giving them all he had

Photo credit: JS100radio
Sitthichart Maliwan, a Mathayom 6 student, told them he and his nine friends were playing music near the bridge when a 30-year-old man who spoke Chinese twice approached them and gave them 100 and 50 Chinese yuan (Bt475 and Bt237).
Sittichart, who has been learning Mandarin for some years, rushed over to the man, giving the money back and saying it was too much. “He refused to take the money back, saying he no longer wanted anything. He also tried to hand over his mobile phone to me and said something that implied he wanted to end his life,” he said.
“At that moment, the rest of the group rushed over to calm him down and said they would not let him die. Then we helped him sit down and talked to him. He told us that his father and grandfather were dead and he cried all the time,” Sittichart said.
He then asked the man to reconsider, saying he should give some thought as to whether he would meet his father and grandfather if he died and whether they would be happy to see him kill himself. “I told him that we were ready to help him,” he said.
He continued crying and saying he did not want help from police. The talk continued for hours until 9pm when Yannawa police went 
 to fetch him. Police told the students the man had already tried to commit suicide earlier that day.
The story was praised on social media, mainly due to the students’ quick intervention, without which the man would’ve died.

Published : December 18, 2018

By : The Nation