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MONDAY, June 05, 2023
Masita reveals Park Ji-hoon as new presenter

Masita reveals Park Ji-hoon as new presenter

FRIDAY, March 08, 2019

Masita, a leader in the seaweed industry, said in a press release on Friday it was unveiling their new presenter Park Ji-hoon and the new “0% MSG” recipe for their five flavors; original, spicy, spicy Korean barbecue, larb and tomyum.

After a successful brand collaboration with “Bar-B-Q Plaza”, the brand also releases the new “Bacon Grilled with Bar-B-Q Plaza Sauce” to convenience stores and more distribution channels.
Titiporn Thammapimookkul Marketing Director - Food and Beverage, Singha Corporation said that Masita’s marketing direction for 2019 is to focus more on product strategy, releasing new products and modifying existing ones to continuously excites the market and to respond to target consumer’s ever-changing consumption behaviours.
Recently, the company has modified the ingredients for all five flavours of Masita into a 0% MSG (monosodium glutamate) recipe but with the same taste as always in a 100 per cent grade-A quality Korean seaweed and Masita is the first Thai seaweed brand to gain an international level recognition of taste and flavor from The International Taste & Quality Institute (ITQI).
Also the packaging has been entirely revamped with a more enticing and exciting colour to create brand differentiation and positive first impression among target consumers once they see the products on shelves.
Masita is one of the very first seaweed brands to hire Kyuhyun from SM Entertainment, five members of the up-and-coming boyband NCT. 
This year, Masita employs a similar strategy by unveiling Park Ji-hoon, ex-member of the legendary K-Pop idol group Wanna One, to reach the core target consumers from age 12-18 years old. This brand strategy will bring Masita to new heights and emphasise the brand’s leadership image by using Korean artists and idols as presenters to trigger more brand awareness, engagement and eventually an increase in sales.
Moreover, the company had invested more than Bt50 million in numbers of marketing campaigns and activities to reach millennial audience such as an online activity, for example, who’s is the new presenter for the brand in order to increase social engagement among the brand fans and the artist’s fans while also informing the market about the new product recipe with no MSG through above the line and below the line channels.
“In the age of a rapid change in consumption and lifestyle behaviours, it’s essential for brand to catch up the upcoming trend and be able to on it to respond to the target needs. 
“Currently, with the rising trend of health consciousness among our consumers, Masita decided to go 0% on MSG with no compromising on the taste. Furthermore, the brand also refreshed the product’s image by unveiling new presenter Park Ji-Hoon, K-Pop star from South Korea to reinforce the brand as the first seaweed brand to utilise a K-Pop brand presenter campaign to reach teenage consumers.”
The non-MSG Masita will be distributed brick&mortar in both traditional trade and modern trade channels. 
“Masita seaweed brand is aimed to gain 20% of the total market share with all these strategic marketing executions,” the company said.