Friday, September 17, 2021


Villager crushed by rampaging wild elephant

A 37-year-old male villager was stomped to death by a wild elephant early on Sunday morning in Tambon Lam Nang Rong in Buri Ram province.



Following the discovery of a dead body at 6am in a rubber plantation near the entrance of Ban Sub Khaning village in Noen Din Daeng district, the police investigator Pol Lt-Colonel Waiphot Suchakhreekul along with rescue workers and a medical examiner went to inspect the scene.

Villager crushed by rampaging wild elephant

They found the dead body of Suwat Wongwiset, 37, near his bicycle amid some elephant footprints and several broken banana trees. 
It was suspected that a male wild elephant with a single tusk, which roamed near the Dong Yai wildlife sanctuary and had fatally attacked some villagers before, was responsible for this latest death.
It was suspected that the elephant, driven out of forestland by drought and food shortage due to the sanctuary’s increasing elephant population, had started to intrude on farmland and Suwat happened to run into it, leading to fatal attack.

Published : March 31, 2019

By : Surachai Piraksa The Nation