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TUESDAY, September 27, 2022
Teachers urged to make school environments safe

Teachers urged to make school environments safe

THURSDAY, May 16, 2019
5.9 k

Teachers are being urged to improve school environments to prevent accidents among pupils as most schools open for a new semester this week.

Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department director-general Chayapol Thitisak said teachers should provide information about various safety precaution and set a good example so pupils are careful and have a safety-first awareness.

He said accident-prone areas include deteriorated or under-construction buildings, broken desks/chairs, unruly grass-filled space, and un-fenced wells or ponds. Students' play fighting or climbing structures could lead to accidents, he said. 

Classroom activities that could lead to accidents included conducting a chemical experiment, using lab equipment or playing sport, he said. Other threats included a broken electrical appliance and unsafe traffic conditions within a school compound.