Security tightened at TOT head office ahead of policy debate


Four companies of policemen from the Metropolitan Police Division 2 along with police dogs and officers from the Thung Song Hong police station were dispatched the headquarters of TOT, the venue for the government policy debate, on Thursday morning to provide security.

Security officers of the TOT checked all vehicles, which started arriving at 7.30am. The policy debate is slated to commence at 9.30 in the TOT auditorium. 

Explosive ordnance disposal police backed up by police dogs patrolled around the Building 9 where the auditorium is located.

A team of commando police and a water canon truck were also deployed to be on station behind the building in case protesters turn out.

Inside the building, Parliament police and officials checked everyone entering the building. All reporters were required to sign a book and all people were told to walk past the bomb detecting equipment. 

Many MPs and senators as well as Cabinet members came to the building early with Finance Minister Uttama Sasvanayana, Deputy Interior Minister Niphon Bunyamanee and Deputy Agriculture Minister Thammanas Phromphao arriving at 7.30.