Wednesday, June 16, 2021


Thais in HK warned to stay away from sites of protests

The Thai Consular Office in Hong Kong has issued a warning to Thai residents and visitors to Hong Kong against entering or in the vincinty of planned protests in the terrority on Saturday and Sunday (August 14-25).



The consular office also advised Thais, departing from Hong Kong, to reach the airport early for fear that protests might affect their travel. 
For Saturday, the office advised Thais to reach the airport before 7 am and they were told to use Airport Express whose first trip of the day started at 5:50 am
The office said the protests would be held in Kowloon, Central, Admiralty and Wan Chai, so Thais should avoid the areas.
In case of emergency, Thais could seek help from the office at (+852) 6821-1545, (+852) 6821-1546 and (+66) 2572-8442 or visit the office’s website at

Published : August 24, 2019

By : The Nation