Mon, September 27, 2021


If you can’t beat them, join them

Media and content producers are responding to the ever-growing streaming business by collaborating with such popular providers as Line TV, Joox, Netflix and Viu.



Viu, a video streaming provider with more than 36 million users per month, has already been working with media giant GMM Grammy for two years, bringing content of GMM25 channel to the Viu platform, as well as adding more content from GMM Music, GMM TV, and Change 2561 to it.
Grammy Music’s chief executive officer, Prawit Chitrakorn says from now on, the company will join up with more platforms and partners. “In addition to music, we produce other kinds of content to cater to various tastes including tourism and food programmes, as well as variety and game shows.
Channel 3 is cooperating with Netflix in bringing two series, “Thong Ake Mor Yah Tah Chaloang” and “Buppesannivas” to the streaming platform. The channel sees the new platform as way to earn more revenue and feels the series will satisfy audiences in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam (CLMV).
“Content is our core and that leads to new revenue channels” said Ariya Banomyong, the president of BEC World, or Channel 3. “Presently, 80 per cent of Channel 3’s main income is from advertising. However, that is likely to drop to 80 to 50 per cent in the future and the remainder will need to come rom new channels”.
Music company BEC-Tero Music has joined with music streaming service Joox, to create a project called “Seven Journey”, which will take golden oldies and have them sung by new artists in new arrangements.
Going in the opposite direction, streaming provider Line TV, is aiming to expand its customer base by working with Workpoint TV to create entertaining content and shows.

Published : December 04, 2019