Wednesday, July 28, 2021


Skincare in the cold

The Department of Medical Services and the Institute of Dermatology have issued advice for taking of skin conditions during the cold season.



Deputy Director General and Spokesperson of the Department of Medical Services, Dr Narong Aphikulvanich explained that cold and dry weather caused the skin to become dry and rough, especially in the elderly and patients with skin allergies.
“Common skin disorders which are found during the cold season include dermatitis and dry skin,” he said. “These skin disorders are commonly found in children and the elderly due to bathing in hot water, which causes the skin to become sensitive to water, soap, or chemicals.”
He recommended warm not hot water for bathing and using cream or moisturizer when dry.
Meanwhile, the director of the department’s Institute of Dermatology, Dr Mingkwan Wichaidit added that patients with skin disorders should take care of their skin and should see a doctor if they feel a burning sensation or suffer itching.
“Patients with skin conditions should wear gloves, avoid touching chemicals or hot water. Children should not use antibacterial soap because it may cause irritation,” she said.

Published : December 07, 2019

By : The Nation