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Innovation to tackle flooding at industrial estates

The Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT) collaborated with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and Chichibu Chemical in the construction of a Plastic Rainwater Storage Structure (PRSS) to prevent damages from inundation at industrial estates in Thailand, starting with a pilot run at Latkrabang Industrial Estate in Bangkok on Thursday (December 19).



IEAT governor Somjin Piluek said the authority was concerned about the problem of flooding at industrial estates nationwide, adding that a method was devised using technologies to cope with the problem while, at the same time, take advantage of it.

IEAT governor, Somjin Piluek
“IEAT teamed up with JICA and Chichibu Chemical to develop PRSS to improve the efficiency of water management, as well as preventing inundation damages in the long term. Moreover, the rainwater stored in this innovation can help solve drought problems,” she said.

JICA Chief Representative, Katsura Miyazaki Meanwhile, JICA Chief Representative Katsura Miyazaki said JICA was pleased to be part of this project by sharing experience and knowhow with the Thai government.
“JICA believed that industrial estates in Thailand would benefit from this project under the development guidelines of UN,” she said. Collaboration on the project started on May 9 this year and will end on May 31, 2021.

Innovation to tackle flooding at industrial estates Plastic Rainwater Storage Structure (PRSS) or “New Pla-kun” was made from recycled plastic with a unique design for undeground installations, up to 10 stages. It can store a volume of rainwater over 95 per cent of its capacity for use of up to 50 years. The upper surface in which these products were installed can be utilised for a car parking lot, a playground, among other purposes.

Innovation to tackle flooding at industrial estates
PRSS is classified into two categories: the “permeable type” in which rainwater will infiltrate into the ground through the permeable sheet, while “impermeable type” can store rainwater and prevent inundation. The rainwater stored in these products can be utilised for various purposes by changing the outlet system. Also, it is easy to install and requires little construction machinery.

Innovation to tackle flooding at industrial estates
Somjin added that if the project proved successful, it will be expanded to other industrial estates in the Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya area.

Published : December 19, 2019

By : The Nation