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Songkhla Zoo chimp can do without plastic, thanks

If Jon the chimpanzee understands that it’s better to use canvas bags than plastic ones, a lot more humans ought to be catching on.

The chimp is putting on daily shows at the Songkhla Zoo in which his caretakers hold signs saying “Let’s use a bio bag” and “Stop plastic”.
The highlight comes when Jon walks into a stage set where there are both plastic bags and canvas bags and chooses a canvas one – to the cheers and applause of the audience.
Getting the message across isn’t all serious, though.

Songkhla Zoo chimp can do without plastic, thanks
The chimp at one point produces a plastic bottle and drinks syrup from it. Then he dances expertly to rhythmic music.
The show is in response to a Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment request for businesses in every sector to help curb plastic waste.

Published : January 10, 2020

By : The Nation