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Seven Uighurs escape from holding cell in Mukdahan, one captured

One Uighur was captured while six others are on the run after the seven broke out of a holding cell in Mukdahan province.

On Friday (January 10), Pol Colonel Phansak Worawiboonswas, chief of Mukdahan Immigration Police, announced that seven prisoners had broken out of their holding cells at the Mukdahan immigration checkpoint in Bangsaiyai subdistrict, Muang district.
“The seven escapees are all Turkish-Uighur men, age ranging from 22 to 38 years,” he said. “So far we have caught one but the other six are still at large.”
Phansak revealed that the escapees, after breaking out of their cells, sneaked out of the back of the building. They ran into a villager who was out hunting at night. “The seven bound the hands and feet of the local and fled the scene with his firelock and a head lamp,” he said.
The seven Uighurs had earlier been arrested in 2016 on charges of illegal immigration. They escaped from their holding cells on February 12, 2018, but were caught by police and sent to Mukdahan provincial prison in Muang district to serve their time. They were recently brought from the prison to the holding cells at Mukdahan immigration checkpoint before they escaped again.

Seven Uighurs escape from holding cell in Mukdahan, one captured

Published : January 11, 2020