Sunday, June 13, 2021


Textile industry to be improved under BCG economy

The Thailand Textile Institute has collaborated with the Office of Small and Medium Enterprise Promotion to promote and improve the textile industry under the “BCG fashion lifestyle” concept, institute director Chanchai Sirikasemlert said.



BCG stands for Bio-Economy, Circular Economy, and Green Economy.
The BCG economy covers the use of bio-material, reusability of things and their value, and developing solutions to tackle pollution and help the environment.
Set to be improved are five economic clusters – sport and recreation textiles, products made from hemp, textile products to meet the lifestyle of the elderly, textiles for cosplay, and circular textiles for sustainability.
“To improve these clusters and assist entrepreneurs, marketing research, working plans and strategies will be created,” the director said, adding, “We aim to improve 675 SMEs and promote them in both domestic and foreign markets.”

Published : March 23, 2020