Wed, January 26, 2022


People living in crowded conditions instructed to wear masks at all times

The Public Health Ministry is encouraging people living in slums and in construction camps to wear cloth masks when at home and avoid going out. Caretakers of the slums and construction camps have also been told to screen people for risks, measure their temperature and keep an eye out for symptoms.

Dr Panpimol Wipulakorn, director-general of the Health Department, has also issued guidelines for fresh markets to follow, including maintenance of cleanliness, providing hand-sanitising gel and soap in service areas and ensuring buyers maintain a distance from each other.
A quick survey of 337 markets showed that 66.8 per cent follow social-distancing measures between sellers and buyers, while 49.9 per cent have even set up panels. Sellers, sales assistants, marketing staff and shoppers are also cooperating with 93.5 per cent wearing masks, while 69.4 per cent are providing hand-sanitising gel and 46.9 per cent are providing hand-washing stations with clean water and soap.
She added that the Public Health Ministry is recommending that people living in crowded conditions wear masks at all times, keep their hands clean and separate the items they use daily. People have also been advised to avoid leaving their homes unnecessarily, as well as monitoring themselves and their family members for symptoms.
Business owners and employers have also been advised to control and maintain cleanliness in accommodation, toilets, equipment and shared items, as well as provide washing stations with clean water and soap or hand-sanitising gel. They are also required to screen everybody and keep an eye on people for symptoms.

Published : April 15, 2020

By : The Nation