Wed, May 18, 2022


28 million Thais apply for cash handouts

More than 28 million Thais have registered to receive the government's Bt5,000 cash handout before the system closed at midnight.

Five million have already been approved.
A total of 28,849,725 people who are affected by the emergency decree to prevent the spread of Covid-19 have requested cash assistance from the government via registration on www.เราไม่ทิ้งกัน.com website.
The Cabinet decided to extend the number of recipients from 9 million to 14 million for the period April to June to help registrants who were categorised as farmers.
This extension will now cover students who work on part-time jobs. The scheme will cost the state approximately Bt210 billion.

Published : April 23, 2020

By : The Nation