Fri, December 03, 2021


Ex-intelligence chief rejects Phalang Pracharat reshuffle rumours

General Ganit Chanpreechaya, a former military intelligence chief and a close associate of Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwan, said there is no basis behind rumours of an impending reshuffle in the core coalition Phalang Pracharat Party.

He said there is no way that Finance Minister Uttama Savanayana will give up the party’s leadership, though he is very busy handling financial affairs for now.
“General Prawit has not issued any orders to change the leader, because as far as I know, the party needs someone to run it, but Uttama did mention recently that he has no time,” he said, adding that some party members have said they feel they are without a leader.
“I think party members will feel more comfortable if he spent more time with them, though General Prawit, who is not a party leader, is close to them and makes them feel relaxed. He is also very mature and kind, which make him very likeable among the party members.
“This is the topic that has been discussed, not that Uttama must step down as party leader,” he said.
“General Prawit needs to focus on the Covid-19 crisis now. Any discussion about this will only happen in June at the earliest,” Ganit said.
He also insisted that there were no problems between Prawit and Uttama, adding that the deputy PM was very kind to everybody – even bad people.
“He once said we become better if bad guys come to us. I believe these rumours will die out soon,” he said.

Published : April 29, 2020

By : The Nation