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Wastewater threatening Songkhla beauty spot

The Wastewater Management Authority has been ordered to tackle pollution threatening a Songkhla beauty spot. 

Wastewater threatening Songkhla beauty spot

Deputy Interior Minister Nipon Bunyamanee ordered the authority to solve the wastewater problem at Samrong and Wong canals after he surveyed the watercourses on Sunday (June 7).
He explained that the Samrong canal, which links the Gulf of Thailand and Songkhla Lake, is facing wastewater problems after the current was disrupted by bridge and other construction, while Wong Canal linking Hat Yai and Phawong Municipalities will soon face wastewater problems because the local government centre had been relocated.

Wastewater threatening Songkhla beauty spot
"We have appointed the Wastewater Management Authority, under the Interior Ministry of Interior, to study ways to solve the pollution problem in these canals," he said.
He added that a wastewater management plan to protect the environment and natural resources was needed because the mouth of Samrong canal had potential to become a new tourism attraction that would generate jobs and income for villagers.

Published : June 08, 2020

By : The Nation