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Police hunt for Volvo driver for crushing pregnant woman to death

Police in Bangkok’s Min Buri district have launched a manhunt for the driver of a black Volvo who ran over and killed a five-month pregnant woman on Sunday (June 21).

Thanayut Puttipeng, 19, was on a motorbike with his pregnant girlfriend Nadiyah, 21, in the Sunwinthawong neighbourhood at around 10.30pm, when they were suddenly hit by a car. The victim slid off the bike upon impact and was crushed to death as the car drove off. 
CCTV images show the car stopped 8 kilometres from the accident site, where the driver came out and waved down a taxi.
Police have seized the Volvo and sent it to the Forensics Department for examination. 
Investigators have found that the car initially belonged to a woman, who sold it to a man in 2016. The man died in 2019, leaving the car to his girlfriend, who claimed it had been stolen by her dead boyfriend’s friend. 

Published : June 23, 2020

By : The Nation