Man who showed his genitals in viral video clip is allegedly an ‘Ubon Ratchathani local administration official’

MONDAY, JUNE 29, 2020

A newspaper report yesterday (June 28) revealed that the official in a viral video clip who showed his genitals in his office is allegedly a permanent secretary at Ubon Ratchathani’s local administration office.

The man in the video is an official of the Khok Cham Rae sub-district administration organisation (SAO), the Kom Chad Luek reported. His scandalous action was recorded on June 25.
The report also said he had been sent to a psychiatric hospital in the past.
Local people had earlier complained to the province’s governor and the Army about corruption in the SAO office.
The official had been moved from the office to another government one in 2014 as authorities investigated his previous actions over procurement and budget allocation.
However, he was allowed to return to work at the SAO office later. There was no mention what the results of the investigation were.