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Man arrested for allegedly killing Tak national park ranger

A park ranger was shot dead while driving back after inspecting illegal logging in national park areas, Somchai Wichiankanlayarat, head of Klong Wang Chao National Park in Tak province, said on Tuesday (July 14) at 10.20am.

“The rangers had found logs and several logging equipment but no offenders around, so they confiscated the evidence and drove back to the national park office,” he said. “Officials reported that they heard one gunshot from behind and later saw ranger Krissada Kabbua fall down, after being hit in the back of the head by bullets that went through the truck’s rear windscreen. They tried to rush him to a hospital but Krisada succumbed to his injuries.”

Man arrested for allegedly killing Tak national park ranger

Later at around 7pm Wang Chao police arrested Suchat Saejow, aged 48, a resident of Tak province while he was driving past officials who were scanning the area for the suspect. Police reportedly found a long shotgun in his car.
Suchat reportedly confessed that the logging equipment that had been confiscated earlier belonged to him, and that he had fired the gun at the park rangers’ truck in revenge. He was charged with illegal logging and murder.

Krissada Kabbua

“The National Park expressed its condolence to the family of Krissada who died in line of duty, and will provide funeral allowance as well as other benefits as required by the law,” said Somchai.

Published : July 15, 2020