Thursday, September 23, 2021


Ghost of a chance: only 5% seriously believe in apparitions

Almost 55 per cent of people nationwide have never seen any shows to do with ghost communication, while 37 per cent say these shows are a concoction, according to a National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA) poll conducted on July 13 and 14.



NIDA said 1,256 people aged 15 and older were asked via telephone whether they have seen any shows featuring communication with ghosts on TV or Internet channels. Some 54.9 per cent said they have never seen such shows while 5.83 per cent said they seriously believe in ghosts since they experienced such situations.
Meanwhile, 37.4 per cent believed only “slightly” in ghosts, pointing out that what they have seen were shows with down-to-earth production and scripts. 
Another 33 per cent said they neither believed in ghosts nor in communication with the dead, explaining that ghost stories cannot be proved and are unreliable.
In addition, 72.69 per cent of people agreed that official agencies should monitor and clamp down on shows with such content to prevent people from being cheated by fake events or history being “twisted”. 
However, 21.58 per cent said that this move is unnecessary as ghosts depend on one's personal beliefs.

Published : July 21, 2020