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Drought strangling 4,000 rai of rice in Pichit, farmers plead for help

A massive 4,000 rai of rice in Pichit is dying due to the prolonged drought, forcing farmers to demand that the government create artificial rain to tackle the problem immediately.

Normally, rice plantations in the province rely on provincial irrigation during the rainy season, but the drought this year is playing havoc, much to the misery of farmers.
Pratuan Rungchat, a farmer in Nong Pla Lai sub-district, said he planted rice when there was some rain, but then the rain disappeared. Now, 90 per cent of his rice is dying, he said, and this is set to become 100 per cent if the dire situation continues. He’s pleading with the government to offer a helping hand.

Published : July 22, 2020

By : The Nation