Thursday, September 23, 2021


One injured as business row over face masks erupts

Business rivalry over face masks was suspected to be the reason behind a gunfight between two groups that left one person injured in Bangkok’s Bang Khae district.



Lak Song police were informed early on Sunday (August 1) that a yellow Porsche was fired at many times before a house located in Bang Khae. 
The injured man was sent to Bangpakok 8 Hospital.
According to police interrogation of witnesses at the crime scene, both parties knew each other, and they had a business conflict.
The police's scrutiny showed that the Porsche drove to the scene with two other automobiles.
They reportedly parked in an alley of the house, while the Porsche was driven to park in front of the house. The driver called to the house owner, asking him to come outside.
The house owner alleged fired back, injuring the would-be driver. Police reached the scene and confiscated the car.
Police said that they were collecting information to summon all suspects. Also, they informed that the business conflict was about the face mask amid the Covid-19 crisis.


Published : August 01, 2020