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Hashtags change to #RipWanchalearm after no progress made in finding activist

Netizens have changed the Twitter hashtag for “disappeared” Thai pro-democracy activist Wanchalearm Satsaksit from #SaveWanchalearm to #RipWanchalearm since practically no progress has been made in the investigation of his disappearance.

Footage from security cameras showed the 37-year-old being abducted from a Phnom Penh street near his flat on June 4. The staunch critic of Thailand’s military government had been living in Cambodia in self exile due to concerns about his safety.
After the government showed no immediate concern about the abduction, Thai netizens launched a campaign to find Wanchalearm by tweeting messages with the hashtag #SaveWanchalearm.
The move seemed to work initially because the government announced it would collaborate with Cambodia to investigate the case.
However, with no progress being made two months later, Thai netizens decided to begin tweeting comments about the lack of progress in Wanchalearm’s case with the hashtag #RipWanchalearm.

Meanwhile, the activist's sister said their family have not been confirmed Wanchalearm is dead and will mark his 38th birthday on August 11.

Published : August 05, 2020

By : The Nation