Monday, September 20, 2021


One injured as strong winds bring down tree in Krabi

Strong winds and rain brought a eucalyptus tree down on a house in Krabi province on Sunday (August 9) evening, injuring houseowner Pirote Kongmueang, 43.



His wife and two children, aged one and 13, were found to be safe but traumatised.
Local residents got to Pirote’s rescue in time when they heard a loud crash and found the man unconscious after being hit on the head with roofing tiles and wooden beams.
Rescue staff arrived at 8.30pm and took the man to hospital. They also had the Provincial Electricity Authority to cut off the power, to prevent any fires from being sparked.
Pirote’s wife and children, who escaped injury because they were in another room, have moved in with a relative.
Officials said the tree collapsed because continuous rain had softened the soil, which allowed strong winds to knock it over.

Published : August 10, 2020