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A rare sight: tiger caught on camera in Kanchanaburi national park

Kanchanaburi's Khao Laem National Park has captured rare photos of a tiger from a camera that had been installed by rangers on August 1, chief Thewin Mesub said yesterday (August 12).

“This sighting of a tiger proves that natural resources in Khao Laem are still abundant, and that park rangers have done a great job protecting the forest,” he said.

“For years our staff have patrolled Khao Laem to prevent illegal hunting and make the area a safe sanctuary for wildlife in Kanchanaburi and connecting provinces,” he added.

Khao Laem covers around 1,500 square kilometres in Kanchanaburi's Thong Pha Phum and Sangkhla Buri districts. It also connects Thung Yai Wildlife Sanctuary and Lam Klong Ngu National Park.

On August 7, Khao Laem reported that a park ranger had drowned while returning from a mission to install cameras to capture photos and footage of wild animals.

“Phuwadon Pongsa, 27, was reported to have drowned while crossing a creek that had a high level of water due to continuous rainfall,” Thewin added.

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Published : August 13, 2020