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Wuhan hospital built in 10 days among exhibits at 'Architect 21 Expo' next year

The "Architect 21 Expo", postponed to next year due to Covid-19, will include exhibits on how China built a temporary hospital in Wuhan within 10 days, as its special highlights, NCC Exhibition Organiser (NEO) announced on Saturday (September 5).

The company is the organiser of the expo, while the Association of Siamese Architects (ASA) under royal patronage is the expo's host.
The 34th edition of the annual expo will showcase construction materials, technologies, designs, and interiors.
The event scheduled for this year has been postponed to 2021 due to the Covid-19 crisis, which has affected all exhibitors.
Architect 21 Expo will be organised at Impact Exhibition Centre from April 27 to May 2.

Sakchai Pattarapreechakul
NEO president Sakchai Pattarapreechakul said that post-Covid-19 technologies showcased in the expo would draw visitors’ attention and generate total revenue higher than the Bt15 billion earned from the last expo in 2019.
He added that his company would run both offline and online operations to stimulate trade at and after the expo.
“We will apply Online Directory and Business Matching systems at the event to give an opportunity for interested parties to contact owners of technology or sales representatives at the trade fair via both online and offline networks” he said. This expo is the biggest market place for the architectural industry in Thailand and among other Asean countries, he added.

In addition, the main theme of Architect 21 Expo will be "Heritage Refocus".
To underscore the importance of this idea, the ASA took media personnel to several old places in Phrae province on Saturday and Sunday.

Chana Sampalung
ASA president Chana Sampalung pointed out that this weekend's event is a part of his association’s policy to contribute to conserving architecture by applying knowledge of the architectural profession to help conserve heritage with new methods and perceptions.
Vasu Poshyanandana, the expo’s chairman, added that numerous sub-events to underline this theme would be organised at the expo in 2021, such as the conservation ranking of each heritage in the country.

Vasu Poshyanandana
A recent case of heritage conservation in Thailand was the Bombay Burma house in Phrae. This building was once owned by the British firm Bombay Burmah Trading Company, which had been granted logging concession in 1889.
In late June, this over-100-year-old building was found torn down by the authorities, outraging local residents and conservationists and alerting them to conserve other buildings in Phrae, where history can be traced back over 1,000 years.

The ruin of Bombay Burma house
One of Phrae’s conserved heritage was Khum Chao Luang, a mansion which was constructed during BE1889 and 1892 by the last feudal lord of the city.
This mansion has been converted into a museum, which opens every day from 8am to 4pm, showcasing the possessions of the feudal lord and his family members.
However, Vasu mentioned that there were numerous ways to conserve old buildings, apart from converting them into museums or learning centres.

Khum Chao Luang, one of the heritage buildings in Phrae province.

Published : September 06, 2020