Monday, September 20, 2021


Relatives put ‘killer’ monk’s actions down to mental health

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The relatives of a monk, who was behind a car crash in Roi-Et province on Sunday, said he jumped out of his car to punch the victim because he had “uncontrollable” mental issues.



The 39-year-old monk initially crashed his white Honda sedan into a power pole killing passenger Noi Chuenchom, 82, and seriously injuring Onphan Kaew-amphai, 36, before hitting a red Toyota Yaris and driving off.
Noticing that the Toyota was following him, the monk then jumped out of his car to punch the other car’s driver. Witnesses said the monk appeared to be drunk. 
He was eventually arrested and identified as Ramkit Titma, though tests did not show any alcohol in his blood. 
The monk’s relatives then contacted police saying he had a mental condition that made him unable to control his actions.
Police will investigate the matter further but have initially charged Ramkit with driving with negligence resulting in death and trying to flee the crime scene. 

Published : September 08, 2020

By : The Nation