Saturday, September 18, 2021


Welfare payments to elderly and disabled by Sept 22, department clarifies

The Department of Local Administration has clarified that the monthly social welfare for the elderly and the disabled will be paid by September 22 after doubts had been expressed over hiccups in budgetary transfer.



On Thursday, Saensuk Municipality said on its Facebook page that the Comptroller-General's Department cannot transfer monthly social welfare for the elderly and disabled to the Department of Local Administration's account due to difficulties in budget allocation between the two departments.

Later, Prayoon Rattanasene director-general said on the department's Facebook page on Friday (September 11) that they have allocated the department's budget to pay as monthly social welfare for the elderly and disabled, confirming that the payment will be made by September 22 this year.

Normally, the Comptroller-General's Department will transfer the budget to the Department of Local Administration on the 10th of the month for payment of monthly social welfare to the elderly and the disabled.

Senior citizens aged over 60 receive monthly social welfare from Bt600 to Bt1,000, while the disabled will receive Bt800 per month.

From October this year onwards, disabled people aged below 18 and those holding state welfare card will receive Bt1,000 per month.

The elderly and disabled who have not registered for monthly social welfare can contact subdistrict administrative organisations, municipalities or district offices nationwide.

Published : September 11, 2020

By : The Nation