Sunday, July 25, 2021


Body of woman found in Lampang river in suspected suicide case

The body of a 55-year-old woman was found in Wang River in the Sobprab district of Lampang Province on Monday (September 14).



Relatives had filed a missing person report on Sunday for Rojana Potha, a local of Sobprab. She was reported missing after the relatives found her motorcycle parked by the Wang River with the key still in the ignition and her shoes on the riverbank.
One of the relatives reportedly told officials that Rojana might have committed suicide by jumping into the river, as she had a huge fight with her family; she had also reportedly attempted suicide in the past, but relatives had saved her in time.
Divers from Lampang Rescue Foundation found the woman's body stuck to the riverbank around 1km from where the motorcycle was parked.
Officials reported that there were no signs of injuries or violence, and ruled it as a case of death by drowning, before letting relatives take the body back for the funeral.

Published : September 15, 2020